Blue Apron #3-Roasted Chicken

Roasted Chicken & Mixed Mushrooms w/ Crispy Rosemary-Orange Salad & Chipotle Pan Sauce

My third (and last) Blue Apron meal of the week wasn’t as much fun to make as the dinner last night… but it was still delicious nonetheless. The portions were a little bit small to my liking… but I’m thinking that I’ll probably end up getting the ingredients myself and re-making this to a more appropriate portion at a later date.

Overall, I really liked Blue Apron. It’s convenient, thanks the hassle away from grocery shopping, all the ingredients are properly portioned, it gets delivered to my door, and there’s always a variety of recipes. Like I’ve mentioned before, I probably wouldn’t do this every week (for ~$10/meal… I rather go out and have someone cook for me)… but if the recipes for the week are enticing, I might just re-activate my subscription for just that week.

Anyways… on to the menu for tonight…

The ingredients–

…and the final product–

…and now I’m actually it’s sad it’s over for the week… 

Blue Apron #2- Spiced Pork Chops

Spiced Pork Chops & Mashed Potatoes w/ Kale, English Peas & Goat Cheese 

I had a lot of fun making last night’s dinner… at least compared to the Crispy Catfish sandwich from day 1. I think it’s because the ingredients were a little bit more colorful, and as weird as it sounds… I had fun “de-shelling” the peas.

The ingredients:

The pork:

…and the final product:

Needless to say, this was demolished in minutes.

Blue Apron – Crispy Catfish Sandwich

Blue Apron order for the week came in today… which came in handy for a quick prep and dinner before the gym…

The ingredients:

The final product…

3 meals in 1 week for 2 people for ~$60… so roughly $20/meal…I’m not sure it’s really worth it but I’m keeping my eye out on the weekly recipes just in case they come out with something good.

“Lost Boy” — Ruth B

My current song obsession… I’m sure I’ll probably end up getting sick of it since it comes on the radio a lot more now… but for now, it’ll be on repeat.

Together we will fly away in a cloud of green
To your beautiful destiny
As we soared above the town that never loved me
I realized I finally had a family
Soon enough we reached Neverland
Peacefully my feet hit the sand

Personal Training re-cap #2

[11:21am] I met with a different personal trainer last night. Since it’s a new relationship, we re-discussed my goals, as well as pain points. My biggest issue is that I bulk easily, and all I really want to do is get in shape and start toning what I do have. We discussed my weekly regimen and she basically re-did my schedule (again). Instead of doing certain muscle groups per day, it was recommended that I focus on alternating days for upper vs lower body 4 days a week. Outside of that, one day will be reserved for cardio (my usual 1hr cardio days/distance training/interval training), and the other day for high intensity interval training… so mostly circuit training/plyometrics.

Then off to actually working out. She tested my push-up abilities (she said mine were fabulous -insert hand raise emoji here), intro to renegade rows, a million squats, mountain climbers, kettle ball exercises… among other things. Basically, I thought that my initial training at this gym with a personal trainer killed me… but trainer #2 REALLY killed me.

…so much so that I actually almost passed out.

If you don’t know me by now, I’m a seasoned and expert fainter. I’ve passed out so many times in numerous occasions at random places (2x at 2 different gyms) that I know exactly when it’s going to happen… and for the most part, I can usually stop/catch myself. I started seeing spots, my vision started getting blurrier, cue the cold sweat… and yup, if I don’t sit/lay down/do something, I’ll definitely just fall over. So we took a break. Breathe in. Breathe out. Hide myself for 5 minutes. Then I’m okay again.

…off to finish the rest of the training session.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed working out with Personal Trainer #2 (despite my near fainting spell)… and might actually continue to do so at some point.

Until then… [end: 11:33am]

Spin Class Re-cap

[10:11am] I took a break from the gym for a week or so last week… to get my health under control. I go through this a struggle period from time to time where I’m in constant pain that it’s hard to do much of anything. I figured that instead of fainting at the gym (which I’ve done more than once)… I’d spare the people a scene and just take it easy.

But now I’m back at the gym, and I’ve been on the struggle bus.

My session with my physical trainer got cancelled on Monday, so I was able to ease back into my workout after my break. 10 minute warm-up on the treadmill (~1+ mile) and then biceps/triceps day. Muscles burning…

…and then yesterday rolls around. Maryland has been going through this bi-polar weather where its trying so hard to hold on to winter coolness that it’s struggling to make it’s transition to spring. Not cold enough for snow to keep the slopes open for snowboarding… yet not comfortably warm enough to go biking. I hate this transition period.

Anyways, I recently gave in and bought myself clips for my bike. Getting the pedals installed on my bike is another story in itself but praise Craig from Performance Bike who installed it for me and tuned my bike while at it. Unfortunately I have yet to try the clips on my bike… and so I did the next best thing… take up my dad’s offer to go to spin class with him at his gym.

I haven’t been to spin class in probably… 5 years or so. The last distinct memory I have was attending one in Pittsburgh, but I’m pretty sure I’ve done it a few times since returning to Baltimore. But in any case…


I “biked” through Germany, Seattle, Hollywood… and other wonderful places. Up and down hills, high gear vs low gear. I got to try on my clips and discovered that I don’t think I’ll have issues unclipping and breaking my head open (which my dad had been scared of from the start…). Plus!, biking with clips… makes a world of difference. All my energy was put into actually pedaling, which meant I was able to concentrate more on speed and resistance. Overall, I thought it was a really good experience and workout.

So… perks of spin classes?

  • Effective and low impact workout
  • Great leg workout
  • With that right posture, it’s also a great abs workout
  • You can workout based on your own fitness goals (adjusting tension, speed, etc)
  • Increase your cardio endurance

I’m already bugging my parents to guest me in again soon… if only my current gym had spin classes… [end: 11:21am]

“Firefly #tbt” Playlist

A few weeks back, I created a Firefly 2016 playlist featuring a song for every single artist that will there this year, and came up with 111 songs. It was a good way for me to discover artists that I didn’t know about and so that I can be (even more) excited to see the ones that I do know about.

If you’re even remotely interested to listen to that playlist, you can find it here.

With that said, I also figured I’d pay homage to past Firefly artists (and who I wish were going this year)… and so a new playlist was born. You can listen to it here, or check out the songs below–

  • Make her Say — Kid Cudi
  • Up Up & Away — Kid Cudi
  • Work This Body — Walk the Moon
  • Tightrope — Walk the Moon
  • Mind Your Manners Ft. Icona Pop — Chiddy Bang
  • Break the Rules — Charli XCX
  • IV. Sweatpants — Childish Gambino
  • What We Live For — American Authors
  • Closer — Tegan and Sara
  • No Pause — Girl Talk
  • Heads will Roll – A-Trak Remix — Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • A-punk — Vampire Weekend
  • King Kunta — Kendrick Lamar
  • Here It Goes Again — Ok Go
  • I Won’t Let You Down — OK Go
  • All This Could Be Yours — Cold War Kids
  • American Privilege — Allen Stone
  • Perfect World — Allen Stone
  • Battle Scars — Lupe Fiasco
  • Soul Meets Body — Death Cab for Cutie

74 degrees and running

Yesterday | It’s slowly starting to get nicer in Maryland… and so a quick ~2+ mile run was much needed before I indulged in Happy Hour with my friends. *Gotta get all the Fitbit steps I can get! 

…but really though, my outdoor run yesterday wasn’t the best as my knee is still bothering me. I’m hoping it doesn’t get any worse as I continue to push myself to reach that 12 mile goal by mid-June.

ice, ice babyyyyy.

(Speed) Interval Training

This past weekend, since I didn’t have as much time on my hands for the gym… I focused my workout on Interval Training… and man, it kicked my butt. Interval Training focuses on high intensity workout for short bursts at a time. Based on my research, it adds a lot of benefits to your workout.

I started with a short and sweet warm up… and then did 2 min jog (speed 5/5.5) alternating with a 1 min run (speed 7/7.5). I’ve been training for distance running and so this was an absolute change for me. It’s relatively easy to run 7 speed for x amount of time/x distance consistently but once I started changing it up between run to jog, it got exponentially harder. First, my body kept getting surprised by the burst of speed, and my heart never got used to a consistent heart rate. It would speed up during my runs, eventually relax during my jogs and then go crazy again during the runs. I think I burned more calories doing this than running 3-4 miles at a consistent speed.

Although I am still training for distance (13 miles by June)– I definitely think incorporating speed interval training even for 30 minutes (esp. when I’m short on time at the gym) will definitely help.

With that said, here are some of the benefits I discovered doing interval training…

  • It boosts your endurance
  • Your body continues to burn calories up to 48 hours after your workout
  • Builds lean muscle
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • It eliminates boredom and monotony in your workouts
  • Reduced the time spent on exercise but getting similar results as working on during a consistent pace
*Interval training isn’t just about speed training/running — this can also be implemented doing HIIT workouts/plyometrics… it is what you make it to be!