96 hours in Chicago

Trip: May 7-11, 2023

It’s been 4+ years since I got on a plane… a year before the pandemic. The anxiety I felt getting on a plane, being 1 of 10 still wearing a mask, is something that I’m currently not equipped to form into words just yet. I kept my mask on the entire flight (3h45m) and didn’t drink/eat during that time. Thankfully I was sitting in an aisle seat so I didn’t feel as suffocated. Alas, I survived my first trip to Chicago. Coincidentally, the last plane ride I took was from Chicago to San Francisco in 2019.

View from Hyatt Regency, 23rd floor

I spent a majority of my time in Chicago inside the Aon Center since the reason I was even traveling to begin with was for work. It was a super busy, hectic and informative 96 hours inside one of my favorite cities. Unfortunately, outside of work… I really didn’t venture out much. A majority (aka all) of my photos were taken from inside the high rise (or my hotel) because that’s basically all I did. After an especially grueling day filled with workshops, my co-worker and I decided to take a field trip up to the 70th floor to take in the sights. It did not disappoint.

Goodbye Chicago! Until we meet again.

Evening view from the Hyatt Regency

Side note: This trip was also some type of special to me because I finally met some of my co-workers in person… some who I’ve worked with for the past 4 years that I’ve only synced with behind a computer screen.

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